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Don't let your spouse lie during asset division proceedings

You could have sworn you had a checking account with $20,000, a savings account with $75,000 and an investment account with about $300,000. However, during the process of dividing your marital assets, your spouse – who has always managed the money in your relationship -- is reporting different figures. By your spouse's figures, your marital estate is worth approximately $200,000 less than it should be.

Divorce: Questions to ask

Before you get a divorce, it's a good idea to consider a few questions. Not asking yourself these questions could end up hurting you as well as leading you to making mistakes. By asking these questions, you can be sure you are moving in the right direction for your life.

Gray divorce: Sometimes surprising

As someone who is 50 or older and considering divorce, you may wonder what it would do to you financially. You're part of a group of people known as "gray divorcees," and you could end up facing financial ruin if you're not cautious when you separate.

Divorce after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

No one gets a divorce to take advantage of tax benefits. Divorce and separation are two of the most stressful and painful life events, and while property division and support are weighty factors, they generally are not what drives the decision to end a marriage. Yet divorce can bring about some major tax consequences, and the newly enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("TCJA") could make an already tumultuous time in one's life beset with traps for the unwary. This article will highlight some of the recent changes to Federal tax law that potentially have a significant impact on divorce settlement negotiations.

Changing your name after your marriage ends

There is no question that it's an annoyance to have to change your name when you get married and again upon divorce. Every time you sign up for something new, that's another account you have to remember to change in the future. Things like your license, bank account and passport all have to be adjusted to your new name, whatever you decide to make it.

How do you split retirement savings during divorce?

It's one of the hardest things to do: splitting up your retirement savings during divorce. Much of what you have saved up to this point may be subjective; the funds are there now, but will they be there in the future? Retirement accounts often rely on the stock market, investments and factors that could vary from day to day.

3 reasons to update your estate plan during divorce

You might think that a divorce is the worst time to start focusing on your estate plan, but, in reality, it's one of the best times to begin. When you get a divorce, many things change. Addressing those changes in your estate plan is a good start toward protecting your beneficiaries.

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