Don't include these items when making your will

The creation of a last will and testament is very difficult for some. Acknowledging death is something that a lot of people never come to grips with in life. It can be so difficult for some that they fail to create a will and leave their family in a lot of legal issues upon their death. If you are ready to create a will in Katy, Texas, here are some items you should never include.

If you hold any life insurance policies that name beneficiaries, you do not want to include them in your will. Since they already have beneficiaries listed, you don't have to name them in the will.

An excellent way to avoid probate upon your death is to create a living trust. If there is any property held in a living trust, you should not include it in the will. Keep it in the living trust so it does not go to probate.

Keep joint tenancy property out of your will too. This is a piece of property that automatically goes to your joint tenant upon your death. There's no need to name this property or a beneficiary in your will.

It's also a good idea to keep funeral requests out of your will. The will is typically not read until after the funeral, so family members will be hearing your wishes when it's too late. Instead, create a separate document that outlines your final wishes and leave it with your will.

Ready to finally create your will in Texas? It's important that you know exactly what you should and should not include. You want to make sure that your family is prepared upon your death to handle any issues that might come up and a will can ensure that occurs.