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September 2018 Archives

How irrational jealousy can bring a marriage to a close

Irrational jealousy, which psychologists sometimes refer to as "morbid jealousy" when it's severe enough, can cause serious problems in marriages. Perhaps the worst part of severe jealousy is the fact that it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy by pushing the partner away and causing the fear of loss of love and loss of respect to actually solidify into reality.

Advice for tracking child support and other divorce payments

It's not uncommon for one spouse to pay the other spouse support money on a monthly basis after a divorce has concluded. This could be child support money or spousal support money. Because disagreements can ensue whenever money and payments are involved, divorcing spouses need to make sure that they track their payments appropriately so that if a disagreement or lack of trust arises, the parents can resolve the matter quickly with the relevant copies of checks, signed payment receipts or accounting ledgers.

4 probate avoidance tips for Texas estate planners

Probate is an involved process, it takes time and it can be costly for one's heirs. Therefore, it makes sense for Texas estate planners to try to avoid probate for as much of their assets as possible. Fortunately, there are several "probate avoidance techniques" that may be able to benefit you in this regard.

Father's rights: Does Texas need an 'equal custody' measure?

Family law psychologists and many others agree that a child is best raised when he or she can have as much contact as possible with both parents. Does this mean that Texas should enact an "equal custody" law that supports divorcing parents to receive equal custody of their children?

Consider your child's needs when creating a custody schedule

There are many different types of children with varying needs. Some children are shy, some are adventurous, some are loud and some are quiet. Some children need to have a stable home environment that doesn't involve constant moving between their mother's and father's house, where other children seem like they'd be perfectly happy on the road in the back of a gypsy wagon.

2 good reasons to end your marriage now

No one ever said that marriage would be easy, and if you have an honest talk to most spouses who have endured for years, they'll tell you just how many challenges they've had to overcome. However, there are some challenges that spouses shouldn't feel obligated to "solve" or "work through." The following two reasons are sufficient enough to simply end your marriage now:

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