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Joint custody has real benefits that you should consider

Although having joint custody does mean that you'll share time with your child with your ex-spouse and have to go some days without seeing your child at all, it's truly in a child's best interests in most cases. As a newly single parent, you should know that there are benefits to you, too.

While you may not realize it, the benefits of shared custody are huge. They include requiring both parents to take an active role in the child's life, getting you into a routine and even giving you more time to date or do the things you enjoy without having to worry about child care.

Joint custody is great because it requires each parent to spend time with a child alone. In a home situation, much of the disciplinary action is likely to fall on the parent who is home more often. In a joint custody situation, both parents spend time with the child alone, making each of them the disciplinarian in their own homes.

Joint custody also helps you get into a routine. When there are certain days of the week you have to be with your child and certain days you aren't, you'll set up a structured life so that you can always be there for your child when it's needed most.

Finally, joint custody gives you a break. Yes, you can look at the days you have off as a time to develop a hobby, date or even travel. With the other parent responsible for your child during that time, you won't have to worry about finding a babysitter or child care, so you can do what you wish without reservations.

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