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May 2017 Archives

Dallas Justice of the Peace Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couples

Risking a potentially costly legal challenge, Dallas County Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger has stated that he will not permit any same-sex couple to be married in his precinct. Citing his religious convictions against the practice of same-sex marriage, Metzger said that his refusal is justified according to an interpretation of state law issued by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in which he stated that state workers can deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples (

Experienced help can smooth out the adoption process

Completing one's family is a goal to which many Texas parents aspire. There are various ways to achieve this, and one of them is through the process of adoption. Adopting a child gives that child stability and a peaceful, safe, and nurturing environment in which to flourish. Whether you are adopting a biological relative, a stepchild, or someone else, you are about to change that child's life forever.

Phenix City Couple is Arrested for Child Neglect

A couple from Alabama was put in jail last week, after not allowing their foster children to get out of the hot sun, back into their hotel room. The couple took their two foster children, ages 2 and 5, on a vacation with them to Daytona Beach Shores and were staying at a Hawaiin Inn. Several people in the hotel became concerned when it appeared that the children were sunburned, and were desperately trying to go back inside to get out of the sun and heat.

Can I adopt my stepchild?

When a Texas resident with a child from a previous relationship gets married to someone other than the child's biological parent, the marriage does not create a relationship between the child and his or her stepparent that is recognized by law. This means that although the spouse may be caring and providing for their stepchild in every way imaginable, legally this would mean nothing. In these situations, the biological parent would have to give their spouse written consent for mundane daily activities such as picking up the child from school or getting medical care for them. One way to avoid this and create a legal relationship between the spouse and stepchild is through stepchild adoption.

How to Cope With the Stress of a Divorce

Divorce is straight-up stressful. It is a life changing, overwhelming, emotional roller coaster that, even under the most amicable circumstances can still be difficult to navigate your way through. That said, it is not impossible to make this inherently tough time more bearable, so you can focus on the possibilities of what your new future has to offer you.

How does a revocable trust differ from an irrevocable one?

Texas residents may be aware that creating a trust is one way to ensure asset protection. However, when one gets down to sorting out the details in creating a trust, it may be easy to get daunted by the different types of trusts and the tax and legal consequences of each. Understanding the basic types of trusts can go a long way in comprehensive estate planning.

Ways to establish paternity in Texas

Sometimes, the seemingly simplest matters regarding family law issues in Texas can be the most confusing. When a child is born, it is important that the paternity be established. Many parents - particularly fathers - are often unaware precisely how this is to be done. When the parents are married, the husband will be listed on the birth certificate as the father. If the parents are not married, however, there are two ways for paternity to be established.

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