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August & March Cause More Divorces, Study Says

In August, the temperature typically rises no matter where you live in the country. In March, umbrella sales start to go up as people prepare for April Showers. But what increases in both August and March? According to a recently-concluded study by the University of Washington, divorce filings.

A pair of researchers reviewed the divorce filing records in Washington for the past 15 years. When the data was arranged into a chart, a clear increase in filings could be seen in both March and August; contrarily, November and December experienced clear decreases. While this is intriguing, the data alone doesn't say why the fluctuations are happening. So it is up to the researchers and readers to speculate as to what is going on.

Do Vacations & Cupid End Marriages?

The prime suspect for the spike in August is family vacations. Even the best of families with the closest ties will admit that a summer vacation is one part fun and one part stressful, especially if a road trip is on the agenda. It has been speculated that if someone was thinking about ending their marriage, the close quarters of a July family vacation - July sees more vacations than any other month in America - might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

As far as the spike in March, people are thinking Valentine's Day may be to blame. The day of love can show a couple that they are in anything but love, should the spark and romance be missing. Instead of getting each other a box of chocolates, couples on the edge of divorce might be trading divorce papers.

Do the Holidays Save Marriages?

Why are less people filing for divorce in November and December? The researchers think the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas, are divorce deterrents. People don't want to have to tell their family or their kids that the marriage is over while turkey and presents are being exchanged and the world feels festive. But this doesn't necessarily mean that marriages are saved by holidays. If anything, it delays a divorce until the cheer has worn off, which would also lend itself to the explanation of more divorces in March.

For more information regarding this study, be sure to check out an article posted by The Atlantic seen here. If you need help filing for a divorce of your own in Texas, you can contact Springer Law Firm PLLC and tell our Katy divorce lawyers what is going on.

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