What Is Muniment Of Title?

Unique to Texas, a muniment of title action is a streamlined probate procedure used to transfer title of estate assets to the beneficiaries named in a deceased individual's will.

The threshold for a muniment of title action is that the deceased individual had a will, and the estate must not owe any debts with the exception of debts secured by liens on real property. The lack of debt owed enables the estate to bypass the administration process, resulting in a faster resolution of the estate and distribution of assets.

If more than four years has elapsed since the individual's death, a muniment of title action is the only available probate procedure.

Benefits Of A Muniment Of Title Action:

  • Allows for the transfer or property to named beneficiaries of a will
  • Bypasses the estate administration process when no debts are owed
  • Streamlined process provides for faster resolution of estates
  • Only probate procedure available when more than four years have elapsed since time of death

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