A Guardianship is a court-supervised proceeding for a minor under the age of 18 or an incapacitated adult. There are two types of Guardianships: a Guardian over the person and a Guardian over the estate. Sometimes, only one type of Guardianship is needed, but in other cases, both types of Guardianships are necessary. The person appointed by the court as Guardian has the duty to provide the necessary care to the Ward, the person for whom Guardianship is initiated.

Thanks to modern medical advances, people are living longer than ever and, as a consequence, the number of "vulnerable" or incapacitated individuals has grown. Guardianship proceedings are complex and burdensome. The attorneys at The Springer Law Firm will help you to avoid Guardianship with proper estate planning. But if plans have not been made to avoid Guardianship, we have the experience to assist you through the Probate Courts to achieve the necessary Guardianship of your loved one.