Experienced Guidance For Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is a silent epidemic that plagues many families. Domestic violence victims can be men and women, and these victims are often too afraid to speak up about the abuse.

If you are suffering from domestic violence, The Springer Law Firm is here to protect you. Our Katy family lawyers can help victims seek emergency shelter and obtain a protective order to prevent further abuse. Our law firm takes abuse seriously, and we work hard to make sure that our clients are safe.

A protective order can:

  • Order the abuser to stop contacting you, including by email, phone, text, etc.
  • Order the abuser to stop harassing or threatening you
  • Order the abuser to refrain from going near your home or place of work
  • Grant you temporary custody of your child
  • Order the abuser to vacate your shared residence

We can walk you through each step of the paperwork and the hearings. We understand that clients often feel scared or intimidated when facing their abusers in court. Our Katy domestic violence lawyers stand by you throughout the process and provide you with all the emotional and legal support you need.

Have You Been Falsely Accused?

Accusations of domestic violence are common during a divorce. One party may attempt to seek leverage during a divorce or custody matter by using false accusations. We are skilled at defending clients facing domestic violence accusations and at identifying whether a case has been filed to secure an unfair advantage.

We Are Here to Protect You

Our Katy family law attorneys at The Springer Law Firm have decades of experience handling domestic abuse cases and other family law issues for people all across Katy, Texas, and surrounding areas. Whether you are accused of domestic violence or suffering from abuse, we are here to help you.

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