Experienced Representation For Spousal Support Matters

Every marriage requires the contributions of both spouses to make things work. In some situations, that may mean that one spouse stays at home with the kids while the other is earning the money necessary to support the household. Should the marriage end up in divorce, it is likely that spousal support (often called alimony or maintenance) will be a major issue when discussing the division of marital property.

The attorneys at The Springer Law Firm in Katy have more than seven decades of combined legal experience in family law, including handling matters connected to spousal support. We will carefully review your case, and help you determine the options available to you. You will meet directly with an experienced attorney who will provide you with detailed information about what we can do to help you achieve a successful result in your divorce.

How Is Spousal Support Determined?

Not every person will be entitled to a support award. There are various requirements that must be met, and the court will review each case to determine if an award is appropriate, and for how long the support should be received or paid. The amount and duration of spousal support that may be awarded in Texas depends on several factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The ability of the spouse to provide for him or herself
  • The earning ability of the spouse who is seeking alimony payments
  • The contributions of the alimony-seeking spouse to the marriage
  • The education and career skills of the spouse requesting support

Our team is ready to help you, no matter what situation you may be in with your case. We have helped many spouses obtain alimony, and we have also helped many clients fight back against alimony requests. Whatever your specific goals in your case, we are well-positioned to help you get results.

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