Securing Your Future With A Prenuptial Agreement

Getting married is a very exciting time for many couples. Being together forever with the one you love is a great feeling. Unfortunately, there are some marriages that do not go according to plan. When the end of a marriage seems likely, some people find out that they will suffer financially because they did not protect themselves through pre- or postnuptial agreements.

At The Springer Law Firm, in Katy, Texas, our attorneys have helped many couples who need assistance with these types of agreements. Whether you have recently been married or are contemplating marriage in the future, our lawyers will be able to prepare a document that helps you protect the things that are most important to you.

What Does A Prenup Do?

Many spouses are afraid to have this conversation with their partners. They think that it will look like they are planning to fail, and it can raise the stress level before the marriage. You have to think about marriage as an economic partnership. You and your spouse are joining your assets together, and in the event that the marriage ends in a divorce, you have a clear explanation of how the assets are to be divided.

The things that may be discussed in these agreements include:

  • What type of custody agreement should be put in place
  • Who will be responsible for certain expenses concerning the kids
  • Who will receive specific property
  • What will happen to the marital home
  • What would happen to any business interests that you and your spouse may own

Even after you are married, you still have the opportunity to enter into an agreement that specifies what should happen in the event of a divorce. A postnuptial agreement has the same effect as a prenup. While this may be a difficult discussion to have with your partner, it will provide you with substantial benefits in the future.

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