Skilled Resolution Of Paternity Disputes

People who are in a relationship together know that sometimes things can be challenging. Sometimes, things just do not go according to plan. The future that you and your partner dream about together keeps managing to hit roadblocks. This may lead to some time apart, but things seem to always work out in the end.

If a couple is unmarried, and learns that they will soon be having a child together, there may be some concerns regarding who is the father of the child. The question of paternity could have major implications down the road, especially if the relationship again deteriorates. It is extremely important that unmarried couples take the time to establish paternity to ensure that the child has everything that he or she needs moving forward.

How We Can Help With Your Paternity Case

The attorneys at The Springer Law Firm have helped both fathers and mothers discreetly resolve paternity questions. Our lawyers have more than seven decades of collective legal experience with family law, and we understand the intense emotions that often arise in these types of situations.

We work together with you throughout your case, helping you take the necessary steps at the appropriate times to ensure that a clear answer is found. Some of the various legal concerns that we address as part of your paternity case include:

  • Helping establish who is the biological father of the child
  • Calculating any outdated or ongoing child support payments connected to the paternity process
  • Resolving custody disputes that may arise after paternity is determined

We know that these cases sometimes require extreme confidentiality. We make sure to handle your case accordingly, so that we can make things as easy as possible for you. At any time if you have questions, you may reach out to us for an update on your case.

Your Hometown Law Firm For Paternity Issues

Our office is conveniently located in Katy, Texas. Every client who comes in to meet with us will talk directly to one of our attorneys to gain a clear understanding of the law that applies to their case. To schedule your consultation, call 281-616-7540 or send us an email using our contact form.