Helping You With All Issues Connected To Child Support Enforcements

When child support amounts are determined in Texas, the parents know who will be responsible for what payments at specified times. If the parent responsible for support is not meeting his or her obligations, there are options available to ensure that these payments are made. For parents forced to pay this support, there may be factors that make the payments impossible, placing them in a very difficult situation.

If you have issues concerning a child support enforcement matter, The Springer Law Firm in Katy, Texas, can help. Our team of skilled attorneys has more than seven decades of collective experience handling family law concerns. No matter what is currently happening in your support case, our lawyers will explain how we can help you get answers.

A Comprehensive Review Of Your Entire Case

In many family law cases, there is often a child support issue that must also be addressed. When we review your custody or paternity case, we want to know if there is unpaid child support that must be paid or received. We can pursue or contest these support payments as part of your dispute to help you save time and money. Some of the issues that we help with regarding child support enforcement concerns include:

  • Examining the situation to determine the real amount of past-due support
  • Helping parents contest unpaid support orders
  • Assisting with any modifications to future child support payments that may be necessary
  • Addressing any custody concerns that may arise due to unpaid child support

Our attorneys are well-known for developing creative strategies to difficult cases. We will carefully examine all of the possible options present to you, and help you decide what is best. Whether you are seeking support or need to contest being made by the other parent, we can help you find the right approach to take to get results.

Your Hometown Lawyers For Enforcement Actions

We make it a point to handle child support enforcement cases as efficiently as possible, so that you do not encounter any needless delays. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our Katy office at 281-616-7540 or send us an email using our contact form.