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  • New Law Increases Penalty for Falling Behind on Child Support

    A new Texas family code that went into effect on September 1 st , 2016 could mean big trouble for parents who fall behind on paying child support payments. The new code, which falls under Texas Family Code chapter 232, gives the state attorney general’s child support division the power to put a vehicle registration hold on parents required to pay child support if they do not make the necessary ...
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  • August & March Cause More Divorces, Study Says

    In August, the temperature typically rises no matter where you live in the country. In March, umbrella sales start to go up as people prepare for April Showers. But what increases in both August and March? According to a recently-concluded study by the University of Washington, divorce filings . A pair of researchers reviewed the divorce filing records in Washington for the past 15 years. When the ...
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  • 14th Court of Appeals Concludes Two Unique Family Law Cases

    The Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Texas recently heard two unique appeal cases coming from family law courts, which often do bring the most bizarre cases. Each one has interesting circumstances and intriguing conclusions. Appeals – Third Time is Not the Charm In the first case ( In re P.A.C. and K.V.C. ), two ex-spouses, Marisa and Daniel, had been granted joint managing conservatorship (JMC) of ...
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