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  • Relocating with Children after a Divorce

    Parents often seek to relocate when they remarry, take a new job, or must care for family members. However, moving a family post-divorce is not as simple as loading up a truck and hitting the road. While there are numerous reasons why a move may be appropriate, Texas courts apply strict guidelines when considering the relocation of a child. It is common for a court to restrict parent’s residence ...
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  • Collecting Retroactive Child Support in Texas

    Unless parents agree to a child support payment schedule on their own terms, a court will intervene and create one for them, but not in all cases. Sometimes the court will have not enough information to come to a decision, or it will conclude that no child support is necessary. Does this mean that if you weren’t collecting child support for a duration following your divorce , you can never get ...
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  • New Law Increases Penalty for Falling Behind on Child Support

    A new Texas family code that went into effect on September 1 st , 2016 could mean big trouble for parents who fall behind on paying child support payments. The new code, which falls under Texas Family Code chapter 232, gives the state attorney general’s child support division the power to put a vehicle registration hold on parents required to pay child support if they do not make the necessary ...
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