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  • Child Custody Tips for Summer Vacation

    A summer vacation should be all about fun, bonding time, and rest and relaxation instead of fighting over child custody with your ex and digging into old wounds that still need time to fully heal. Maybe you want to take them abroad to Europe, but he or she probably only gets to see them during the summer season. Do not attempt to sort out the details of your arrangement after you have already made ...
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  • Common Issues to Address in Child Custody Cases

    One of the biggest issues in a divorce is the matter of child custody . While things can get heated during this process, it is important to remember that, while you and your ex-spouse may disagree on many things, you both want what is best for your child. Here are some of the most common issues you may face when in the midst of a child custody dispute. The Child’s Upbringing: Legal custody refers ...
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  • Tips for Handling Child Custody and Co-Parenting during the Holidays

    Now that December is here, the holiday season is in full swing. While this can be a time of joy and celebrations, for parents who share custody of children , it can also be tremendously difficult. The holidays can be a central point of contention when co-parenting, especially when celebrations conflict with regular child custody schedules. When verbal agreements simply will not work, establishing ...
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  • Relocating with Children after a Divorce

    Parents often seek to relocate when they remarry, take a new job, or must care for family members. However, moving a family post-divorce is not as simple as loading up a truck and hitting the road. While there are numerous reasons why a move may be appropriate, Texas courts apply strict guidelines when considering the relocation of a child. It is common for a court to restrict parent’s residence ...
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  • 14th Court of Appeals Concludes Two Unique Family Law Cases

    The Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Texas recently heard two unique appeal cases coming from family law courts, which often do bring the most bizarre cases. Each one has interesting circumstances and intriguing conclusions. Appeals – Third Time is Not the Charm In the first case ( In re P.A.C. and K.V.C. ), two ex-spouses, Marisa and Daniel, had been granted joint managing conservatorship (JMC) of ...
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