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Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • Who Gets the House in a Divorce

    When you decide to divorce, one of the most difficult decisions that you and your spouse will have to make is what happens to the family home. What happens if both spouses are too emotionally attached to let go of the home? What if the expenses of maintaining the home are simply too much for a single parent? Couples should work together to come to a decision that makes sense for both parties, ...
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  • January Is a Busy Month for Divorce

    Divorce and family law firms typically experience an uptick in divorce consultations and filings when the New Year starts. Known as “Divorce Month,” January is a busy month for divorce, with filings increasing in January and peaking in March. So what explains the January Divorce phenomenon? The increase in January divorces is often attributed to: Maintaining the holiday spirit : The holiday season ...
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