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Domestic Violence Leads to Arrest of Port Arthur Man

The Beaumont Enterprise reported that on April 3 of this year, Brandon Ahmad Julun broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulted her. Julun is a repeat offender, and already had a protective order taken out against him by the victim.

Officers were called to the scene when the victim reported a break-in, but the suspect was no longer at the house. However, Julun came back the same day through a window he broke that morning and assaulted his ex-girlfriend. Julun was convicted of the same crime in several counties, one of the instances being a stabbing. Thanks to the Jefferson County police, his streak has come to an end. Officers found Julun in his home the same day, and was arrested. District Attorney, Bob Wortham, was the prosecuter in the case when Julun was sentenced to 20 years in jail. This is the maximum sentence for crimes of this nature.