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Army Major and Wife's Discipline Goes Overboard

A New Jersey husband and wife have been arrested after being accused of physically and mentally abusing their children. New reported that the parents of the 16-year-old son who revealed the disturbing news to jurors is Army Major John Jackson and wife, Carolyn. Some of the disciplining included using raw onions and hot sauce.

For good reason, the son was afraid to tell anyone the stories, for fear of further punishment and abuse. The three children, who are adopted, claim to have endured this abuse from 2005 to 2010. There are also three biological children who were removed from the home and were treated similarly.

According to the teenage son, his parents used the Bible to justify their abuse by finding certain verses to match the perceived offense. The defense’s attorney pointed out that some of the children’s medical problems came from previous living conditions before moving into the Jackson household.