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Veteran Loses Children After Using Medical Marijuana

Raymond and Amelia Schwab are the parents to six children, but have recently found themselves living with only one after the state of Kansas took the five youngest from the home. Raymond was serving in the Navy then was honorably discharged while qualifying for for a 50 percent disability rating. He suffers from post traumatic stress and chronic pain, which is how he learned about using cannabis. The Schwabs moved from Kansas to Colorado, where medical marijuana was legal. Though Raymond was sad to leave his job at the VA in Kansas, he was not having luck taking the prescribed medications the Department of Veterans Affairs had him on at the time. “They were making me crazy, they made me worse,” he said.

Amelia’s mother took the children to the police station when the family was moving to Colorado, and reported them as being abandoned. Though the chilren’s grandmother regrets it now, the state of Kansas removed the five youngest and has had them in custody for over 9 months. The state said they will only consider giving the children back if Raymond receives negative drug test results for 4 months straight. Raymond is concerned that his condition will get worse without the help of cannabis for a long period of time.

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