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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Grandparents in Ohio Assume the Parenting Role Again

    In Toledo, Ohio, there is a growing number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on their own. Because over 8,000 children are now in the care of grandparents in Lucas County, a seminar titled, “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren” was held to offer assistance. There can be various reasons why the parents are not the sole care-givers for their children, but some of the most common are ...
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  • Mississippi's Foster Care System Breaking Down

    The New York Times ran a story last week on the state of Mississippi’s struggle to fix their child welfare system. The discovery of 13 children who had been abused while in various foster homes over time was one of the wake-up calls for the government. In 2004, a class action lawsuit was filed against the state for failure to uphold their duties as child-protectors. The state did admit that it had ...
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  • Veteran Loses Children After Using Medical Marijuana

    Raymond and Amelia Schwab are the parents to six children, but have recently found themselves living with only one after the state of Kansas took the five youngest from the home. Raymond was serving in the Navy then was honorably discharged while qualifying for for a 50 percent disability rating. He suffers from post traumatic stress and chronic pain, which is how he learned about using cannabis. ...
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  • Teacher's Aide Abuses Student

    A teaching assistant in Oakland, California was videotaped while abusing a third grader. The school, Tobinworld II, is a special-needs school in the Oakland Unified School District. The 9-year-old boy told his grandmother that he pulled the teacher’s hair, and the woman then put her elbow on top of the student’s neck and began slapping him. Another teacher can be seen in the video watching the ...
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  • FedEx Ordered to Allow Benefits for Same-Sex Partner

    U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton recently ordered FedEx to incorporate same-sex partners in the operation of the company’s pension plan. This was the result of a law suit by the surviving spouse of a FedEx employee who died just days before the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned by the Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor. The ruling will allow the plaintiff to pursue survivor ...
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