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Fewer Child Abuse Related Deaths in Massachusetts in 2014

After a recent report was released, the state of Massachusetts confirmed that there were significantly fewer deaths related to child abuse from 2013 to 2014. In 2013, The Department of Children and Families reported 39 children died due to child abuse. The number dropped to 22 in 2014. The drop in deaths came as a surprise to state officials, who thought the high use of opioids in the area would likely keep the numbers high.

Ten of the children who died in 2014 were under the state’s watch at some point before their death. At least one 12-year-old killed himself while living in a home where he had been beaten. The Legislature reacted by increasing the DCF’s budget and removing children from unsafe homes. A DCF workers’ union president, Peter MacKinnon, is happy to see the lower number of deaths, but hopes that the 6,587 children taken from homes does not include homes that may be safe.

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