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Texas Issues Thousands Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ban on same-sex marriage has given way to a large volume of those couples asking to get married in the state of Texas. Texas estimates that it has seen about 2,500 same-sex couples obtain marriage licenses since June 26 this year. Tarrant County has seen an exceptional jump in numbers to 9% since the summer decision. Because the wording on the licenses no longer distinguishes gender, the counties can only make their best guesses as to how many have come into the courthouse. Political science professor Jim Riddlesperger of TCU mentions that many couples were waiting for this law to pass for years, accounting for the spike in numbers. The population of LGBT citizens in the U.S. is between 4 and 5 percent today. Experts believe that will be roughly the same percentage of those applying for LGBT marriage licenses once the demand slows down.