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Same-Sex Texas Couple Asks for Common Law Marriage

A couple in Arlington, Texas decided they wanted to ask the court to grant them a common law marriage license after living together for over 20 years. Normally, this request wouldn’t be a problem, but there is one detail about the couple that raised a few questions during this request: Jim Fritsch and Bill Parker are two men asking for a same-sex marriage license. Though the court said they could file the declaration of marriage, it would have to be dated sometime after the U.S. Supreme Court decision this summer. Fritsch, who wanted to make sure his partner would be his beneficiary upon his death, was upset after the Arlington-Sub courthouse told him the news. Shortly after their visit, the couple hired an attorney to fight this order, though they didn’t need to use legal help for long. The Texas Department of State Health Services looked into it, and saw that the court could in fact, date same-sex license using any date that was appropriate. This was good news for the Fritsch and Parker, who did not want to have any false information on legal documents, which is a felony. They will still have to pursue this issue in Dallas, where Fritsch retired 6 years ago.