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Walking for Divorce Reform

A local California man is walking for a cause, but it’s not for cancer awareness or a highly publicized political issue. Patrick Glynn wants to change divorce reform in the state of California, as told in the Daily Republic.

In his second trek, Glynn will be walking 574 miles total to attract attention to divorce cases in which he describes parents “being stripped of their children,” because, “kids are seen as cash.” Currently, Glynn is making his way from Sacremento to Los Angeles, but last October he walked from Boston to Washington, D.C.

The Californian says he represents the countless other parents who’ve lost their children in the courts and feel they are powerless after the fact. Though over a dozen states do have legislative changes in the works to fix these issues, California has not been able to catch up quite yet.

Glynn hopes that by the end of his journey, he will have gathered a group of people to join him. He explains that when a group comes together, there will be a stronger voice, “as opposed to a bunch of individuals.” He hopes to complete this trek by June 1st.