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Public School Teacher Charged with Sexual Abuse

A former music teacher, Lawrence Joynes, is no longer at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School after pleading guilty to sexual abuse. The school is located in Silver Spring, Maryland in Montgomery County, the location of Joyne’s court hearing.

So far the number of students involved has reached 14, and the ages of the children go down to 5 years old. Joynes videotaped the encounters, and the tapes were eventually discovered. Had these tapes not surfaced, this teacher would likely still be working at the school and potentially abusing more children.

There had been many complaints about the music teacher from parents, but administration never investigated him. He also had a recent arrest on record in 2013, for sexually abusing a middle school student in the ’90s. The most the school did was to tell Joynes to leave the door open to his classroom. He pleaded guilty to both charges and will likely be sentenced life in prison this August.