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Michigan Mom Pushes for Public Child Abuse Registry

Michigan mom Erica Hammel has begun collecting signatures on a petition to create a public online registry that would list people convicted of child abuse in the state. This is because her two-year-old son was recently shaken so hard by his father’s then-girlfriend that he has suffered severe brain injuries, temporary blindness, and has been unable to talk since the assault. Though his attacker had two previous convictions of child abuse, no such record was readily available to the public.

Details for the registry include direct search by name, which is similar to the set-up of the state’s sex offender registry. This could increase accountability for babysitters and potential spouses alike. There are currently no public registries for child abusers in the United States because though the Michigan Department of Human Services has a central registry, it is not available on the Internet.

Hammel’s efforts haven’t been without support; Rep. Derek Miller, D-Warren, and several other state legislators are backing the plan. No such legislature has been passed but Hammel and the 8,552 supporters she currently has for the petition remain optimistic for the future protection of children all around the United States.

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