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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Father Asks for Reverse Adoption Order

    Antonio Martini of Kansas has asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to reverse an adoption decision made in June 2014. Martini was married in 2006 and had two children with his then-wife, Renita Price. After the couple separated in 2009, Martini got arrested for domestic violence and his wife took the children to Arkansas. A few years later, Price remarried and her new husband petitioned to get custody ...
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  • Same-Sex Partners Named as Parents on Arkansas Birth Certificates

    On December 1, Little Rock Circuit Judge Tim Fox confirmed that it was unconstitutional to only limit the identification of parents on birth certificates to heterosexual couples. The Arkansas Supreme Court was blocking a lower court’s order that would have allowed same-sex couples to be listed on the certificates. Three same-sex, female couples challenged that ruling, citing the decision by the ...
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  • Oregon Baby found in Marijuana Extract Lab

    A 24-year-old father was keeping his baby inside his house while making homemade marijuana extract. Derick Scott had his two-year-old child with him while using harsh chemicals in his home, according to the Statesman Journal . Authorities responded to a call to check on the child, then called the fire department, a bomb squad and the District Attorney once they found the chemicals and the child. ...
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  • Baby Abandoned on Bike Path in CA

    The L.A. Times reported that a baby was found along a bike path in Compton. The 33-year-old mother had been hiding her pregnancy from friends and family, and had the baby shortly before Thanksgiving Day. Porche Washington was released from the hospital a few days later, and came to the bike path the following morning. She placed the baby underneath broken pieces of concrete, and neighbors said ...
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  • Father and Stepfather go to Court in Custody Dispute

    A Newtown, CT family was engaged in a custody battle that went differently than most. Parents of two children got divorced in 2005, and the mother was remarried later. This October, the mother died from cancer, leaving the children with their stepfather. Issues arose between him and the children’s father once the father asked for custody of the 14 and 17-year-old. This time, the children stated ...
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  • NY Mom Leaves Baby in Nativity Scene

    A mother in New York brought her baby to a Nativity scene then left her son behind. According to the NY Daily News, the mother acted lawfully since the Nativity scene was located inside a church in Queens. There is a “Safe Haven” law in New York which allows parents to leave babies in certain locations as long as they are not over 30 days old. Other suitable safe havens include hospitals, police ...
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