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White House Employee Charged with Assault

A White House intern, Barvetta Singletary, started her job showing much promise, but now faces serious charges of felony assault and reckless endangerment. This 37-year-old employee started her career at Capital Hill, then moved to the White House last year and was a special adviser to the President. Last week she started arguing with a Capital Hill police officer about a woman he was dating. Once she found his service revolver in his car, it escalated quickly. Singletary demanded to see his phones and wanted to know his passwords to see evidence of his other girlfriend. When the officer refused to tell her the passwords to his two phones, she fired a shot near him. He called for help, and Singletary was taken to jail on $75,000 bail. She will also be on leave without pay and is not allowed to be on the White House grounds.