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Texas Woman in Hiding Amidst Custody Battle

A Texas woman has taken her two children with her after she lost an appeal to move her custody hearing. Natalie Baker wanted to have the hearing moved from Dubai to Bexar County, Texas, but was denied last Tuesday. Baker’s divorce attorney spoke to news sources saying, “She’s in hiding right now to keep her children from being forcibly removed from this country and taken to the United Arab Emirates.”

Baker and her husband were working for the United Arab Emirates as diplomats with the U.S. State Department for approximately two years. Although the family still has a residence in Bexar County, the court ruled that the hearing would have to take place in their “home state,” where they lived the last six months. Because the laws are so different outside of the U.S., the mother of the 4 and 6-year-old doesn’t want to risk losing them.