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Schizophrenic Mother Throws Infant to the Ground in Video

A woman who was suffering from a schizophrenic episode in Memphis, TN, repeatedly tossed her 19-day-old son to the ground. The mother had gone off her medication during her pregnancy and had not resumed taking her prescription out of fear of harming the baby. The father captured the abuse on camera during the 13 minute episode. In the footage, the woman asks a young girl to participate throwing the infant as well. Though the father says he wanted to turn in the video for evidence to show the mother is unstable, authorities expressed frustration that he did not intervene. The infant’s father explained to Fox 13 News that he did not step in because, “That was going to leave me in jail and the baby still was going to go with them. It can’t be two dumb parents.” Despite the abuse, the young boy was checked out at a local hospital and is reportedly doing well. Memphis Police went to the scene after viewing the video, and they are still investigating along with Child Protective Services and the Attorney General’s Office.