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Houston Man Accused of Killing Eight People

Authorities are trying to understand what led to the murder of six children and two adults earlier in July. David R. Conley is being held without bail after police officers discovered him at the scene last Saturday night. The officers were in the neighborhood performing a routine welfare check, but realized Conley was inside and wanted for aggravated assault. Once a child’s body was seen through the window, police entered and Conley began firing his weapon. A unit similar to a SWAT team was called as well as hostage negotiators which led to the successful arrest over an hour later.

Authorities described the scene inside to be gruesome, and told news stations that the victims had been handcuffed then shot in the head. Conley had a history of physical violence and may have been the father of one of the children he killed that night. Due to the number of deaths, the investigation could take a while, according to NBC News.